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  • The Difficult Questions

    Riley Children's Grief Team

    How? Why? What if? Could I have….? Should I have…? These are immensely difficult questions and although there is no answer, you may find yourself preoccupied with these thoughts. At times, you may feel these thoughts racing through your mind, searching for answers. At times, you may feel the thoughts creep up as a result of something else you thought or heard. Many times, these questions can feel overwhelming and painful.

    These questions are attempts for our mind to make sense of something so painful. It is a type of processing, even if there is no answer. Think of it as a filter of sorts- your mind is cycling through information to find something to help make sense of what has happened.

    When thinking of these difficult questions, it can be helpful to journal. If you've created an account, consider journaling in this appwhen you find yourself thinking of these questions. Perhaps you simply type single words that come to mind. Maybe you write complete thoughts. The goal is not to find the answer; it is to give your grief an outlet.