• Grief Education
  • Teaching Your Child About Their Sibling

    Riley Children's Grief Team

    “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” -Morrie Schwarzt

    Part of adapting to the loss of a loved one is establishing what the relationship looks like since the sibling died. Children often describe examples of still having a strong connection to their sibling. Perhaps their sibling visits in a dream or gives them special signs. Maybe your child feels especially close to their sibling when listening to a special song or watching their favorite movie. Be open and encouraging if your child shares about their special connection.

    If your surviving child was too young to establish strong memories of their sibling, consider ways in which you can help establish a connection. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Continue to honor and remember your child on special days such as birthdays and holidays. Consider lighting a candle in honor of them and placing it on the table or someplace special to remain lit during each special day.
    • Keep pictures displayed in the house.
    • Have your child pick something special of their sibling’s belongings to be kept just for them.
    • Share special memories such as their sibling’s favorite foods, books, movies, colors, etc.