• Grief Education
  • How Do Children Grieve

    Riley Children's Grief Team

    Like adults, bereaved children can experience a wide range of emotions and grief symptoms. How they cope and work through their grief depends on their age and developmental stage, their personality and the coping skills they know.

    Some common grief symptoms bereaved children experience include sadness, worry, confusion, guilt, behavior changes, sleep changes, separation anxiety, trouble concentrating and physical pains. You may or may not see your child cry. Your child may or may not want to talk about the loss with you. Older children may feel a sense to protect their parents and worry that talking about the loss will hurt or upset their parents. Keep in mind your child’s grief will change over time and they may grieve different aspects of the loss in the future.

    You can find more information about grief responses by your child’s developmental stage using this PDF resource from The Dougy Center.