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    Riley Children's Grief Team

    Emotions are lenses through which we process our experiences. When we experience something as profound and shattering as losing a child, it is expected we feel a wide range of emotions to help us grasp and process the loss, as well as the many changes that happen afterward. Grief is profound and it profoundly changes us. You are relearning to live in this world in which your precious child or loved one is not physically present, and this new world can feel very disorienting.

    Many bereaved parents have thoughts they never would have imagined thinking. These thoughts can bring additional feelings of fear, guilt and confusion.

    You may think at times that you hear your child, or even smell them. You may find yourself wondering if this is a dream and you will wake up from it or somehow be able to change the outcome. If your child was often away from home, you may daydream that he/she is just away right now and will be home soon.

    Some parents struggle with difficult images or thoughts about the circumstances around their child’s death. If you do experience difficult images or thoughts, you can try using distraction techniques such as turning on the TV or calling a friend. Mindfulness techniques, such as guided imagery, can also be a helpful coping tool.

    As always, if you are concerned about any of the grief symptoms you are experiencing, please contact your primary care provider and reach out to a professional grief counselor.